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We offer virtual speech therapy to clients of all ages across Ontario

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Virtual Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is focused on improving communication skills for individuals of all ages. SOY Speech Therapy uses tailored strategies to address the needs and areas of treatment of each individual.

  • Our online speech therapy is a proven method of treatment.
  • Our evidence-based system gives you the best chances of achieving effective and confident communication.
  • We provide practice and strategies that can be used outside of therapy sessions, though these are not mandatory.
  • Languages we offer: English, French, Spanish & Ukrainian.
Olena Pankiw, Reg. CASLPO
Cofounder of SOY Clinic

Welcome to SOY Clinic! I’m Olena - a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) with a passion for helping individuals find their voice. I believe communication is the key to unlocking endless possibilities, so helping people communicate better feels like bringing worlds together. I look forward to helping you on your speech journey!

Areas Treated in Speech Therapy

The areas we treat cover many aspects of communication. Below are the main areas we help our clients with.

This area involves the correct production of speech sounds. Therapists help individuals articulate sounds clearly which makes them easily understood by others.

Language therapy targets difficulties in both receptive (understanding) and expressive (speaking and writing) language skills. SLPs work to improve vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and storytelling abilities.

For individuals with stuttering or cluttering problems, therapy helps develop smooth speech patterns which allow for more confident communication.

Speech therapists assist those with voice disorders, such as hoarseness or pitch problems, by teaching proper vocal techniques and care.

This area aims to improve an individual’s ability to navigate social interactions, understand nonverbal cues, and have more effective conversations.

Individuals with cognitive impairments following stroke, brain injury, or neurodegenerative conditions benefit from therapy. We help by enhancing memory, problem-solving, and attention in communication.

SLPs work with individuals who cannot rely on traditional speech by providing them with AAC devices or other systems to help their communication.

Some therapists specialize in swallowing and feeding disorders. When targeted in therapy, we help individuals safely and effectively manage these important functions.

Accent reduction or accent training is a specialized area that focuses on helping individuals modify their pronunciation and speech patterns. The goal of this therapy is to communicate more clearly in a particular language or cultural context. The goal is not to eliminate an accent entirely but instead to enhance clarity, allowing the speaker to be better understood by others. Through exercises, feedback and practice, speech therapists assist clients in developing clearer speech.

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Paulina E.
Paulina E.

I had a such wonderful speech therapy experience at SOY Clinic! The team is knowledgeable, professional, kind, and always accessible.

Taras Y.
Taras Y.

Happy to see there was no wait list. I appreciate the personal approach. Very professional and helpful service.

David G.
David G.

My experience with speech therapy at SOY Clinic was great! The team strikes a perfect balance between professionalism and being both kind and supportive.

Commonly Asked Questions

How do I know if I or my loved one needs speech therapy?

If you or your loved one experiences difficulty in expressing thoughts, understanding language, or pronunciation, seeking a consultation with a speech therapist is recommended.

What happens during a session?

A session typically involves assessment, personalized intervention, and activities aimed at improving communication skills. The therapist may use games, exercises, and communication strategies to address individual needs.

How long does therapy take?

Therapy length depends on the severity of the communication disorder and individual progress. Some may see improvement in a matter of months, while others may require longer-term therapy.

What role do parents/caregivers play for children?

Parents and caregivers are important partners in therapy for children. They often participate in sessions, reinforce strategies at home, and support their child’s progress.

Is everything discussed in therapy confidential?

Yes, therapists are bound by ethical guidelines to keep client information private and secure.


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